Northern Roots Clothing | Our Story

After his dad closed down the tree business, John wanted to see the logo live on. The spruce trees (shown below) were core to the logo which is what you see in the Northern Roots logo today. 

As we started to work on the business, we started to think of ways in which we could give back to the environment. John, coming from a tree nursery and trees being the epicenter of the logo, trees became the forefront of the project. While much of the United States is fortunate to have an abundance of trees across the state, many places across world and even the US do not. We partnered with an organization called One Tree Planted that gives our customers the ability to give back upon purchase of Northern Roots apparel. When you buy something from our website, Northern Roots takes one dollar from every order and gives it to One Tree Planted, who will plant a tree on your behalf from a list of locations that need reforestation.

As for the behind the scenes of Northern Roots. John and his girlfriend, Felicia, run the business with the support of creative expert Seth, or as we've coined him the, Chief Creative Officer. Seth deserves all of the credit for the "Stain Glass" look to the logo as well as many of the designs and color schemes. Kyle is another integral part of the team who deserves a ton of credit for helping launch the website as well as a lot of work on the look and feel of everything we put together. Kyle's title is ever changing but the latest one we came up with is Chief Everything Officer.